Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You CAN Take Your Pet With You!

Have Pets, Will Move
Posted October 22, 2009
Marie Belew Wheatley's Blog - The Humane Exchange
American Humane Association

"In a recent American Humane survey of 93 shelters across the country, 'moving' was the number-one reason given by owners for relinquishing a pet, and 'landlord won’t allow' was the fourth most-common reason...

"Rental properties that allow pets are actually the norm rather than the exception. When I recently checked properties listed in the Denver area on, 98 percent allow cats, 93 percent allow small dogs and 66 percent allow large dogs. Finding a pet-friendly rental property anywhere in the country only takes a few clicks of your mouse on that website or similar ones, like

"In our survey, 68 percent of shelters reported that they offer free counseling to owners who are considering relinquishing their pets. Your local shelter may also be able to assist you with funding for a pet deposit and/or finding a short-term foster home or boarding kennel for your pet..."

Aksum Notes: The second Abyssinian I helped to rescue, took to a vet for tests and vaccinations, fostered, and eventually found a good home for, was dropped off at a pet store with a note saying they had lost their home and couldn't keep him with them. I'm sure it was just as sad for the owners as it was for the Aby. He had obviously been well cared for and loved. I hope this blog helps more people be able to keep their pets with them the entire life of the pet.

Thanks again to Steve Dale's Pet World for pointing me to this blog!

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