Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Boarding your cat over the holidays

You are going to visit Grandma over the holidays, but she lives far from you or is allergic to cats or just doesn't want to deal with cats in her house.  So you take your cats to your vet or the local cat boarding facility while you are gone.

What happens to your beloved cats while they are boarded?  How can they have a better, less stressful experience there?  Does anybody really know for sure?  Yes they do and here is the solution!

Winn Feline Foundation sponsors research that helps our beloved felines in many ways.  A recent study looked at what worked best for a cat in a new place.

"How owned house cats face a novel environment" found there were three things that help a cat cope better and relax more while they are being cared for in a new place.

1) Cats need a place to hide while they get used to being in a new place.

2) Cats need to be able to go up high and look down at everything so they can figure everything out.

3) Cats enjoy interaction and play with their caretakers so much that they relax and start enjoying themselves by the second day in their new environment.

So there you have it.  Ask about these three things when you are looking for the best place to board your cat.  Or get a pet sitter.  :)

-Susan Graham
Aksum Abyssinians