Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Field Trials for Potential Dry FIP Treatment

USDA granted approval to Sass & Sass Inc. to carry out field safety trials of Polyprenyl Immunostimulant (PI) in Arizona making it the third state.

"We would appreciate if anyone can help us with safety study (give PI to cats
orally 2x daily for 15 days and report if any adverse events occurred -- we have
seen none in 500+ cats, 700+ dogs, 1000x mice, and even ourselves)."
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First Aksum Abys Blog on PI as potential treatment for FIP

I'd really like to see this small startup company get some funding for this!

"We are a small self-funded business consisting of my husband who has a CPA
practice and myself, a National Lab scientist (in biotech for diesel). Every
penny my husband earns goes to support Sass & Sass, Inc. -- rent, maintenance,
development, construction, production etc. We do everything ourselves, from
janitorial and electric work through production, packaging, compliance, legal,
and other necessary functions to get the med to the market. This happens after
hours, on weekends, during vacations etc. We are also putting our son through
college -- he is a senior already. Dr. Legendre has been working with us for 10
years, mostly on his own buck, and all money we were able to raise through
grants went to finance clinical studies directed by him which was still a
partial funding since it was not enough to cover all time and effort that Dr.
Legendre put in. FYI: with Dr. Legendre's help, we found a way to get homes
for all adoptable experimental cats -- his stature softened university position
on the disposal of research animals, and with help of many local cat-lovers, we
found homes to all adoptable cats, including one living with Dr. Legendre and
one with us, now."

Dr. Tanya Kuritz, Sass & Sass, Inc.

Please support SOCKFIP research on FIP of all forms by donating money and your cats' DNA for research. Thank you for caring.

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