Sunday, October 18, 2009

Helmi chose Sky for 2010 Cats USA Magazine

The amazing Helmi Flick did it again! She chose another of my Abyssinians, Alexy Blue Cream Sky of Aksum (a blue torbie owned by me and bred by Bruce Alexy of Alexy Abyssinians) to submit to Cats USA as the example of an Abyssinian for the annual 2010 issue of the Cats USA Magazine (available next year)! And of course with Helmi's talent, they chose her photo of Sky.

For the first time a sex-linked red Abyssinian is the example of an Abyssinian, even before the long process of approving the new sex-linked red colors for Championship status is completed in TICA.

Here are some links to explain the new colors:

I am actively looking for Abyssinian breeders to help with the process of getting the new colors approved for Championship status in TICA.

RW QGC Alexy Braeside Candytuft of Aksum is a chocolate Abyssinian who was chosen to be the example of the Abyssinian breed for the 2010 Kittens USA Magazine.

Here's the post about it.

Thank you again, Helmi!

-Susan Graham
Aksum Abyssinians
Atlanta, GA USA

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