Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fun YouTube Video - Cats Flush Toilets

My 7 month old Abyssinian kitten Dancer loves to watch the toilet flush! So does her littermate Smoky. Smoky likes it so much he has dunked himself twice when we accidentally left the toilet lid up (lots of warm water and soap bathing ensued! LOL!). So we keep the lid down here in our bedroom master suite where we keep our cats and kittens and check on it often. I can only hope they don't see this video!!

I found it through Steve Dale's Pet Blog:

Flush It: Cats Know How to Entertain Themselves

Steve Dale on 09.28.09

"Before the days of You Tube, for my print column, I received an email from a reader going on and on about how her water bill had skyrocketed. I thought she was writing to the wrong columnist - what she described at the end was this. . ..and apparently she's not alone..."

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