Thursday, September 24, 2009

Augusta, GA Cattyshack Cat Show Pictures

Picasa Public Albums now include pictures from the Cattyshack show this past weekend. Dancer got five finals ribbons, and Temur got his first one!

I was mentoring a new TICA member and Bengal breeder so there are also pictures of Bengal kittens and some videos. Princess got 2nd Best Bengal Kitten and then got Best Bengal Kitten with a Finals Ribbon for 4th Best Allbreed Kitten!

Tinker is available as a retired breeder to anyone interested in a show Bengal (she is a Champion) with an impeccable pedigree who enjoys attention and was raised with her sister in first the breeder's bedroom, then my oldest son's bedroom and never caged. Her father is Fudge Ripple, best Bengal in the world in 2005!

Aksum Abyssinians
Atlanta, GA

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